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Official Homepage of the Thrash Metal Band Verdict


Cover The Meaning Of IsolationThe 4th VERDICT album "The Meaning of Isolation" is at last finished! Dan Swäno did a great job in mastering, the 9 tracks sound awesome. The CD has been released since 13/12/2013 and will be distributed by TWS. You can listen already to one new track in our YouTube channel and on our MySpace site. The first Reviews are already finished.



Verdict is a Death/Thrash Metal Band from Miltenberg/Germany. In the beginning they played technical, melodic Death Metal. Through the years the style turned more and more to Thrash Metal.

Until today 4 CDs were produced by themselves, the releases got an excellent feedback from fans and metal magazines all over the world. Due to their intensive, high-energy performance on stage, Verdict achieved a good reputation in the Metal scene as a wild, kick-ass Live-Act. Verdict played a lot of gigs over the years supporting bands as Destruction, Disbelief, Illdisposed, Dew-Scented, Legion Of The Damned, Entombed, Death Angel, Gorefest, Obituary, Nile and many more.

The style of Verdict can be described as back-breaking Thrash Metal with an impressive variety covering mid tempo and high speed parts as well. The songs include also melodic parts, complex guitar riffs and sociocritical lyrics coupled with aggressive vocals, resulting in a particular, individual note.

Line-Up (current)

Vocals - Daniel "Ratte" Baptista
Guitar - Marius Pack
Guitar - David Hadarik
Bass - Dave Helmstetter
Drums - Florian Bauer


2013 - The Meaning Of Isolation (TWS)
2009 - Assassin : Nation (self-distribution)
2005 - Generation : Genocide (Twilight)
2002 - Reflections Of Pain (self-distribution)